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2011 山顶艺术社区

Hilltop Art Community, Phoenix Mountain, Hangzhou

项目名称:    山顶艺术社区
项目地点:    杭州凤凰山皇城旧址
主设计人:    陈浩如
参与团队:    潘洋、傅骞俊、谢晨云、
基地面积:    6800㎡
建筑总面积:  4000㎡
设计时间:    2008—2009
建成时间:    2012

Project Overview

Project Name:                    Hilltop Art Community
Project Location:                Hangzhou Phoenix Mountain Imperial City Site
Main Designer:                   Chen Haoru
Participating Teams:           Pan Yang, Fu Qianjun, Xie Chenyun,
Base Area:                          6800㎡
Total Building Area:            4000㎡
Floor Construction Area:    4000㎡
Design Time:                      2008-2009
Completion Time:              2012


The site is at the top of a hill on the eastern foot of Phoenix Mountain, which was flattened 50 years ago by defense. Artist settlements are distributed around a number of open or closed yards. The top of the building echoes the hills, and the interior and facade are constantly changing according to the division of space. Architecture is a continuation of life. The treatment of space and site by different owners reflects the difference of philosophy of life. In the small courtyard where architects work, natural elements act as stylists, Rain Water collects platforms and pools from high places with ditches all over the field, and plants climb the walls, bringing different facades for the four seasons.


标签: 项目,获奖


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