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Sun Commune Series Bamboo structure, Lin'an Sun Commune

项目地点:           杭州临安市太阳镇双庙村
业主:                 临安太阳公社生态农场
项目团队:           陈浩如、谢晨云、马成龙、王春威、朱骁成、顾安婕
设计时间:           2013年
建成时间:           2014年
项目功能:           猪圈、鸡舍、长亭
猪圈用地规模:     2000平方米
猪圈建筑规模:     256平方米
鸡舍建筑规模:     130平方米
长亭建筑规模:     120平方米
建筑材料:           青竹、溪坑石、茅草
摄影:                 吕恒中

Project Location:                               Shuangmiao Village, Taiyang Town, Lin'an City, Hangzhou
Owner:                                              Lin'an Sun Commune Ecological Farm
Project team:                                     Chen Haoru, Xie Chenyun, Ma Chenglong, Wang Chunwei, Zhu Xiaocheng, Gu Anjie
Design time:                                      2013
Completion time:                               2014
Project function:                                Big Barn, Henhouse, Farmer's Pavilion
Land size of pigsty:                            2000 square meters
Pigsty building scale:                         256 square meters
Chicken coop construction scale:      130 square meters
Changting building scale:                  120 square meters
Building materials:                             green bamboo, Xikeng stone, thatch
Photography:                                    Lu Hengzhong

2014 太阳公社系列竹构——猪圈

2014  Sun Commune Series Bamboo structure, Lin'an Sun Commune - Pig Barn
Located in the western mountainous area from Hangzhou, this project is based in a natural village with 140 peasant households. The main part of the building material is bamboo grows in its original site, and pebbles picked from the rivulet. The craftsman named Chen is the eldest son of the farmer in this area, other workers and materials chose are all local. During the design process, animal behavior was studied while rotational grazing and site were planned in the same time. This Pig barn is designed with special dormitory, feeding area, outdoor toilet, external field and swimming pool. Excavation is no longer needed on the field, a self-stable structure which seems like a big bird landed on the stone parapets, was completed by giant bamboo. Thatch picked in mountainous area nearby was first knitted by villagers under the commune’s call, and then hanged onto the roof of this bamboo structure by the workers.

2014 太阳公社系列竹构——鸡舍

2014  Sun Commune Series Bamboo structure, Lin'an Sun Commune - Henhouse
The henhouse is built on the compacted flat ground between small agricultural reservoirs at the end of the valley and the north hilly area, the shallow foundation of which is formed by uniformly inserting tiny wood into the ground. With the use of bamboo, a platform is built on the wood foundation top, and on which placed two 8X8 bamboo unit structures in the formation of an open and sturdy structure. Quickly and easily built bamboo roof create stability for the whole construction. The interior is tall and roomy covered densely with bars, which allows the birds stay on it.

2014 太阳公社系列竹构——农夫茶亭

2014  Sun Commune Series Bamboo structure, Lin'an Sun Commune - Farmer's Pavilion
The Pavilion was built on the reservoir dam with great view and good ventilation. The foundation of the Pavilion is the top of the dam. It is consolidated to set the base with six logs and connect to the plank covered above. With the bottom timber, five bays of bamboo structure for man independent and compact structure. The unit for one bay is 4x3 to build this pavilion suitable for people to live, and the function therefore is to be a resting place for farmers in work.

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